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Six kuai per rickshaw for grass skewers September 23, 2009


We have group tutorials, and so far three of the team leaders have contacted me. Their team names are “Free Loop”, “Disney” and my personal favorite “Penicillin.” I assume they chose things that were very successful (except Free Loop, I have no idea what the deal is with that). A couple groups that I wish I were tutoring: Team “Obama,” “The City,” “Mastermind,” “Tiramisu” (delicious!) and “BEST!”

Also, today I held a kitten at the barbeque restaurant. It was the size of a toddler shoe, roughly. And no, jerks, it wasn’t for eating. We went to dinner late after waiting twenty minutes in our apartment. Sabrina said the landlord was going to show it to someone at 8 tonight but they didn’t show up. Stephen, Chad, and Andy put a deposit on an apartment and the HR department told them they weren’t allowed to move into it until after the break. Apparently we might know then whether there’s room for us in the UIC dorms or not. In the meantime we seem to be getting this place sold out from under us.

It’s ok though. I’ve got a sleeping bag and a meat cleaver. I can sleep under the staircase at work for a couple weeks. In fact, screw it. I’m vacating China and going to Saigon. Next week. Sha-zam!

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