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“bu ming bai” means “I don’t understand.” 9/6/09

As my teeth passed through the powdery McDonald’s beef, I realized that my timidity was getting the best of me. Stephen and I escorted Tom, a Brit who tried to rationalize to me the pleasure he took in James Clavell (he finally admitted it was because of his brash hatred of Americans), to the noodle place where we’ve already eaten two and three times. After, as we walked back to the Metro Agile, I remarked on how hard it was for me to get up my courage to explore my new surroundings on my own when Xander or Michelle—our valiant Chinese-speaking co-workers—weren’t accompanying me.

“It’s weird that having a crutch makes one more fearful than not having one,” he said. Then he levitated himself to sit on top of the building in the lotus position.

I spent yesterday inside reading. I spent today inside reading. He went into Gong Bei and back on the bus with Andy for ten kwai. I’d been told that I needed some kind of special pass to ride that bus and was kind of waiting around for it to be handed to me by someone in authority. I’m like one of my students who could write one word of a sentence then pass it to the person next to them without being told how twelve times.

On upside, I can now say “bu ming bai” when clerks ask me questions in the store. It means “I don’t understand.”
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