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Jigga jigga what?? September 10, 2009

Tonight I went over to Chris and Zander’s apartment and found out that even though it’s short for Alexander, he spells his name with a Z. So, behold the correction. Chris had read from the UIC e-mail account on the bus this morning that we do have to stay in Agile Gardens after all. Then he pretended to be upset along with everyone else. Tonight the two of them taught me to play Chinese chess, which so far I lose just as deftly as I lose Western. And also enjoy just as much.

So Zander didn’t come out to dinner with Andy, Chad, Steve, and new Jessica from the political science department. We fumbled with awful Mandarin. Steve ended up ordering four dishes by accident, including a boiled shallot/chicken feet plate. It tasted like boiled skin…which I guess it was. I would not recommend it. Steve didn’t include it in the box collection he took home (da bao!).

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